Strategy and Due Diligence

Due Diligence
Understanding the true operating context underpins successful decision making and project delivery. To understand the real risks and opportunities associated with greenfield and brownfield acquisitions and developments we undertake integrated due diligence across:



Human Health




To set projects up for success we build strategies based on a strong understanding of risk, the ‘bigger picture’ and international standards and frameworks. We specialise in developing strategies for:

Reputation management

Stakeholder engagement and communications


Regulatory approvals

Social and environmental performance

Governance and Performance Management

We put in place governance frameworks to establish project structures and reporting mechanisms that drive effective project delivery including:

Project team establishment

Performance monitoring though audits and quality assurance

Design of governance policies, processes and procedures

Performance measurement and reporting
To enable smarter, more transparent decision making and reporting we focus on defining quantifiable outcomes and methodologies that monitor and measure:

Reputational performance

Social return on investment

Regulatory compliance

Social performance

Environmental performance

Risk Assessment and Management

Risk assessment
External and internal expectations regarding how projects are delivered has created an increasingly complex performance environment. To navigate the complexity, we assess potential risks across:



Human Health




Risk management
Based on the results of risk assessment, we identify management options to address risks across the life of the project and identify potential opportunities for business value in areas which are traditionally viewed as threats.


Building strong, transparent relationships with stakeholders drives competitiveness, builds reputation, and enables innovation. Engagement is imperative to securing community acceptance and support, and underpins project performance. Our offering includes:

Stakeholder and community engagement strategy, planning and delivery – determining the right strategy from the beginning to drive smarter, more measurable engagement that supports project viability, creates stakeholder value, and builds reputation.

Government relations – understanding regulatory requirements and policies, securing project approval with appropriate conditions, and delivering government relations strategies and relationship management.

Engagement facilitation and co-design – strengthening relationships, building trust, securing feedback, we design and facilitate targeted engagement activities as part of regulatory approvals processes, project innovation initiatives, sustainability and value creation programs.

Land access – to enable ongoing land access and ensure regulatory compliance we assess land ownership details, and develop early, sensitive and smart engagement approaches.

Visual engagement and feedback – we use the latest technology and digital story telling (including virtual reality, visual media, animation, feedback capture and analysis platforms, media monitoring) to facilitate participation, transparency and decision making.


Concisely communicating messaging and responding rather than reacting is critical to building stakeholder relationships and managing project / corporate reputation. Our communication offerings include:

Project communications strategy, planning and delivery – to support approvals processes, stakeholder engagement, ongoing project delivery, and project and corporate reputation management, we develop communications strategies across traditional, social and digital media.

Media management – we define clear approaches to media management for pro-active media strategies and contingency media management for projects operating in sensitive social and environmental contexts.

Issues management – our experienced team deliver timely, strategic and responsive issues management, with a focus on contentious environmental and social issues.

Animation and virtual reality – to cut through complex technical concepts and engage audiences in a manner that builds alignment, understanding and support, we use the latest animation and virtual reality technology.