The Consentium team has extensive experience successfully delivering projects in Australia and globally, across all stages of the project lifecycle.

Stephanie Glue

Managing Principal

Stephanie works with Australian and international clients to redefine how they manage risk, enhance project performance, and generate greater value in the communities in which they operate. Stephanie has worked with some of the world’s largest companies, heads of international development funds, urban and rural communities, indigenous communities, political representatives and governments in highly complex delivery contexts. Stephanie is recognised as a leading facilitator and strategic thinker and specialises in engagement, communications, reputation management, risk management, and due diligence. She has extensive international experience, with a focus on Latin America and in addition to English, speaks Spanish and some Portuguese.

Specialises in: Strategy and Due Diligence | Governance and Performance Management | Risk Assessment and Management | Engagement | Communications

Steve Green


Steve is known as a problem solver and pinch hitter for complex and controversial projects in the mining, energy, Defence, and infrastructure sectors. As a Company Director and Physicist, with more than 25 years’ experience in management, Steve approaches projects from a unique perspective, providing innovative strategies and pragmatic solutions. Steve has worked for the multi-nationals and the start-ups. He has engaged with Prime Ministers, CEOs, regulators, special interest groups, pastoralists and farmers. He has delivered engagement programs involving town meetings all the way through to short films, animations, VR and augmented reality tools. Steve’s breadth of knowledge and experience has taught him to listen, effectively adapt and provide world class outcomes.

Specialises in: Strategy and Due Diligence | Governance and Performance Management | Risk Assessment and Management | Engagement | Communications

Darren Walsh

Principal Advisor

Darren is a high-level strategist and problem solver, skilled in government relations, strategy and assessment. An effective negotiator with more than 20 years’ senior management experience, Darren has a strong background working on projects within sensitive social and environmental contexts, especially in the land development and mining sectors. As previous CEO of Strategen Environmental in WA, Darren is well-connected within the broader business community and at all levels of government. A leading facilitator, Darren removes project complexity through his deep and detailed knowledge of government and environmental approval processes.

Specialises in: Strategy and Due Diligence | Government Relations | Risk Assessment and Management | Governance and Performance Management | Engagement

Andrew Hickman

Principal Advisor

Andrew has worked across Africa and Australia, delivering major mining, energy and infrastructure projects in complex operating contexts. He specialises in Social Impact Assessments (SIA), community development, stakeholder and community engagement, and environmental approvals and permitting. Andrew is recognised for his ability to design and deliver engagement and community development initiatives associated with large-scale environmental approvals programs and to build social licence in highly complex settings.

Specialises in: Strategy and Due Diligence | Governance and Performance Management | Risk Assessment and Management | Engagement

Mark Branson

Principal Advisor

Mark is a strategic advisor and environmental planner with over 15 years’ experience with planning and approvals strategy for major capital projects in energy, mining and infrastructure. Specialising in renewable energy and projects within complex social and environmental settings, Mark facilitates regulatory liaison at all levels of government, due diligence for financing, as well as engagement with landowners, local communities and special interest groups. With front line experience as a renewable energy developer and consultant, Mark has helped clients deliver some of the most progressive and challenging energy projects across Asia Pacific. With full life-cycle expertise, Mark is uniquely placed to provide strategic regulatory approvals, land access and environmental compliance support for development, project financing, construction and operations.

Specialises in: Strategy and Due Diligence | Assessments and Approvals | Engagement | Risk Assessment and Management

Reem Abdelaty

Senior Advisor

Reem is a strategic thinking engagement specialist who helps develop and build mutually beneficial relationships for clients and stakeholders. With a diverse background across NSW local government, major infrastructure projects and NSW State Government, Reem has more than 15 years’ experience delivering successful engagement programs. Reem specialises in facilitation of small and medium groups in both urban and regional/rural environments. She has delivered engagement programs for significant city shaping projects through to individual engagement with landowners. A creative problem solver, Reem easily integrates and adapts to changing circumstances ensuring outcomes are delivered and expectations are exceeded.

Specialises in: Engagement | Strategy | Communications

Lisa Chikarovski

Principal Advisor

Lisa is a seasoned engagement and public relations specialist with more than 10 years’ experience, who designs and delivers out-of-the-box strategy and communications solutions. Lisa has extensive experience working with multiple levels of government across a range of high-profile financial, transport and infrastructure projects within NSW. Lisa implements successful research-based community engagement strategies and communication programs that drive positive change and manage reputation and risk throughout the lifecycle of a project. An engaging and energetic communications professional, Lisa’s coordinated and holistic approach ensures the needs of stakeholders and the community are at the forefront of project delivery and aligned with commercial outcomes.

Specialises in: Strategy | Engagement | Communications | Risk Assessment and Management

Kyle McDonald

Principal Advisor

Kyle is a chartered Geospatial and Data Management professional with over 16 years’ experience, having worked on a broad range of geotechnical, environmental and infrastructure projects across the globe. Kyle’s experience includes leading the digital communications, data management, analysis, and modelling of complex linear infrastructure, transportation, maritime and aviation projects.
Kyle uses his knowledge of digital platforms to communicate, connect and deliver outstanding project outcomes to clients and stakeholders. Resonating with his combined knowledge and exposure within the construction industry, Kyle specialises in providing data and information management tools that improve project planning, delivery and external communication.

Specialises in: Strategy | Communications

Kane Moyle

Principal Advisor

Kane has worked with major mining and resource operations, specialising in policy design and implementation, government relations, strategy and engagement. Tapping into his detailed knowledge of environmental legislation, Kane assists projects achieve and maintain compliance throughout their project life-cycle. With excellent political and senior government networks, Kane has the ability to translate project challenges and desired outcomes in a clear and concise way to all stakeholders. With a strong track-record in project design and delivery, Kane facilitates sustainable development whilst balancing all legislative requirements.

Specialises in: Government Relations | Strategy and Due Diligence | Risk Assessment and Management | Engagement

David Blair

Principal Advisor

David is a highly experienced project director and specialist in the design and delivery of environmental performance and management systems. David has worked in Australia, Africa and Papua New Guinea and has global experience undertaking due diligence, designing approvals strategies and delivering major environmental approvals processes. David combines his significant technical and environmental expertise with his knowledge of complex regulatory processes and requirements to support both greenfields and brownfields developments.

Specialises in: Strategy and Due Diligence | Governance and Performance Management | Risk Assessment and Management

Laura Johnston

Senior Advisor

Laura has more than 30 years’ experience, initially in Government as a Mining Registrar and Principal Advisor and later in the mining industry with numerous ASX listed resources companies. Laura works with major mining and infrastructure clients in the areas of approvals strategy; community, stakeholder and Government relations; land access and land acquisition; tenement management; and regulatory compliance. She specialises in providing organisations land tenure and access advice, particularly in sensitive environments.

Specialises in: Risk Assessment and Management | Engagement | Communications

Tilly Oborn


Tilly is a stakeholder engagement and communications specialist with approximately 10 years’ experience in the mining and infrastructure sectors. Working with public and private companies to ensure external engagement is undertaken effectively and efficiently in relation to mining, water, power and other infrastructure projects, Tilly excels in developing strong, positive relationships with the community. Tilly has particular expertise in designing and delivering engagement as part of major environmental approvals programs where she works across all levels of stakeholders from landholders, to broader community, to local and state government both in planning and delivery / facilitation of engagement programs.

Specialises in: Engagement | Communications | Risk Assessment and Management

Anton Andreacchio

Principal Advisor

As the founder of leading animation and virtual reality studios, Anton works with clients to bridge the gap between highly technical engineering concepts and the community. He specialises in designing major visual communications and engagement initiatives to support the building of project social licence to operate. Anton is recognised as a pragmatic, strategic leader who combines technical, commercial and engagement expertise to provide the latest visual communications solutions to clients.

Specialises in: Engagement | Communications

Rob Porter

Senior Advisor

Rob draws on his technical background, environmental approvals expertise and stakeholder engagement experience to bring a holistic and strategic approach to project risk management. He excels in communicating complex and technical engineering problems to both internal and external stakeholders; and taking contentious projects from the planning phase, all the way through operation, and closure. Rob has extensive experience working on a range of complex greenfield and brownfield development sites, as well as major infrastructure, manufacturing and mining projects.

Specialises in: Risk Assessment and Management | Due Diligence | Engagement

Dr. Sandra Bell

Senior Advisor

Sandra is a Senior Advisor with Consentium and comes on board with nearly 15 years in consulting across diverse industries including mining, government and infrastructure. Sandra’s expertise in psychology, data management, business/market research and stakeholder engagement enables her to provide evidence-based actionable insights for both stakeholder and reputational risks, and how to manage these. She has extensive experience facilitating in sensitive environments and in tailoring communications and engagement to consider diverse stakeholder viewpoints.
Sandra is a Qualified Professional Market Researcher and has extensive experience in all aspects of market research from questionnaire design, fieldwork management, data analysis and most importantly reporting results in a manner that addresses the key aspects of what does the research tell us, so what, and what do we need to do about it.

Specialises in: Engagement | Communications | Reputation Management

Naomi Fuller

Senior Advisor

Naomi has more than 18 years’ experience across the communication, media and marketing industries. A strong and effective communicator, Naomi has worked in senior roles within local government, private sector and not-for-profit organisations to help identify, shape and share stories and content in a meaningful and engaging way. Naomi has extensive experience in communications strategy and planning, creating purposeful outcomes in alignment with key target markets. With a clear understanding of how to balance corporate and community value creation initiatives, Naomi ignites strong stakeholder relationships whilst assisting to strengthen brand and community engagement.

Specialises in: Communications | Strategy | Engagement

Bronny White

Senior Advisor

Bronny has worked on some of Australia’s most contentious environmental investigations, and complex resource approvals projects. She combines deep knowledge of legislation with extensive experience on the ground delivering community engagement, to offer clients pragmatic solutions that address internal objectives, regulatory requirements, manage social risks and meet broader community expectations. Bronny also draws on her combined technical and engagement expertise to provide clients with specialised communications management associated with environment specific issues management.

Specialises in: Risk Assessment and Management | Engagement | Communications

Madhvi Betigeri

Senior Advisor

Madhvi has diverse experience working across a range of large government infrastructure and smaller remediation projects, and as such applies a unique insight to impact assessments and approvals from the perspective of a consultant, a client, the EPA and as a stakeholder. With strong technical expertise, Madhvi excels in the early identification of potential project issues or risks. Her ability to strategically consider potential road blocks early in the planning process assists clients to achieve desired project outcomes in the most effective and efficient manner.

Specialises in: Risk Assessment and Management | Strategy

Georgia Corrie

Project Coordinator

Georgia is an experienced project and communications coordinator. Providing support through all project stages, Georgia has highly developed skills in stakeholder database management, logistical coordination and in-field engagement to ensure projects run effectively and efficiently. Georgia also provides marketing support through her experience in website and social media management.

Specialises in: Engagement | Communications